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"Pit Bulls should be renamed Time Bombs because that's what they are"

Gunslinger65 @Spinechoppa9 posted on Twitter March 20, 2018

Pit Bulls should be renamed Time Bombs because that's what they are. I owned one, treated him like family since he was a puppy.

At 7 years old, he mauled my friends' son's arm. I had him put down,  even though it made me cry. It was the right thing to do.

(February 2018) Maryland: Loose pit bull rips King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named Hank out of owner's arms and viciously mauls him

MARYLAND -- Hank, a handsome and lovable King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, 13 months old, was viciously attacked and mauled and nearly killed, by a uncontrolled pit bull mix dog, having been pulled out of Tony’s arms.

He was saved from bleeding to death by the hands of Tony pressing on the worst of the puncture wounds to stem the bleeding until reaching the emergency vet for surgery and repairs to the many punctures, including one in the lung, and broken rib.

The funds are needed to help pay for the enormous vet bills already incurred, with more to follow.  Hank is Jill and Tony’s, especially Tony, lovable pal.  He rides everywhere with them on a golf cart, saying hello to everyone with a wag and lick.  Please help them with these growing vet bills.

They are so grateful already for the outpouring of concern and caring from many who know them, and others who have just seen them smiling (Tony) and joyful wagging tail of Hank.  They wouldn’t do this request themselves, but we know the expense will be a burden on anyone, so we would hope all loving pet owners understand to give just a little.  Thank you to everyone in advance for all the support, prayers, and caring given to these devoted pet owners.

Update 1
I just want to thank everyone again for all the support given to Tony and Jill following the vicious attack on their beloved little pal, Hank. Thank you also for all the donations to go towards the large and climbing vet bill. Tony and Jill have been overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity.

Hank is doing better every day and has to be reminded that he has to continue to take it easy. He will be visiting the vet again later in the week to have his stitches removed. We will be giving another update after that visit. Thank you again on behalf of Tony and Jill and, of course, Hank.

Update 2
Hi, everyone. This is Hank. I’m doing so much better now thanks to my wonderful veterinarian in Eustis, FL. I, along with my mommy and daddy (Jill and Tony), want to thank everyone who donated toward my vet bills, and most especially, for all the prayers and support given for me and my dad and mom.

We are so overwhelmed from all everyone has done. Thanks again and see you around as I ride again in my golf cart with my dad, saying hello. (Mom rides with us sometimes)

Hank says thanks
Help spread the word!

GOFUNDME: Hank’s Veterinarian bills
Created February 26, 2018
Charles Wyckoff Jr

Illinois: Waukegan's city council doesn't care that citizens' pets are being mauled by vicious Pit Bulls

ILLINOIS -- No changes to Waukegan's animal control ordinance are on the horizon despite a review following an attack by two pit bulls that left a smaller dog with severe injuries.

That decision was disappointing to Hailey Schueneman, who has pushed for the city to tighten up its ordinance following a January attack on her grandparents' dog.


The situation "feels so unjust," said Ald. Lisa May, 9th, whose ward includes the Schueneman's home and who also chairs the City Council's judiciary committee.

But after speaking to the city's attorney, the police chief and the sergeant who runs the animal control division, she said they reached the conclusion that the the code is sufficient.

May said she plans on setting up a meeting with Schueneman and the police chief to discuss the incident further, but at this point, she doesn't see what changes could have led to a different outcome in this case.

"Everyone feels horrible about what happened to Gus, the poor dog that got pulled from his yard," May said, referring to the Schuenemans' dog.

The incident occurred on Jan. 2 when Gus, who is owned by Greg and Jamie Schueneman, ran to the edge of their fenced yard on the city's north side, as a man who lived nearby walked past with two pit bulls on leashes.

The small dog was apparently pulled underneath the picket fence onto the sidewalk, where one of the big dogs started to maul the smaller dog, Jamie Schueneman told the News-Sun.

"My husband tried beating (the larger dog) in the head to release Gus, and my granddaughter screamed," she said. Her husband's hands were cut from trying to get the big dog to release Gus.

The dog was treated by a veterinarian in Grayslake, where he underwent surgery and was racking up medical bills of $12,000, according to a Gofundme page set up by the family.

The family has filed a civil lawsuit against the pit bulls' owner, Hailey Schueneman said.

An investigation by the city found that the smaller dog "provoked" the Pit Bull before the attack by barking at it and running to the fence, according to police Sgt. Dennis Rosch.

The question of whether the pit bulls would be deemed dangerous came down to whether they were provoked by the smaller dog.


The city's ordinance is "very vague" in parts, said Hailey Schueneman, pointing in particular to a lack of definition for what constitutes provocation.

She said she doesn't think a dog in its own yard and with its owner present rushing to the fence should be considered provocation.

First of all, the owner is required to control their dog while leashed. The little dog was inside its own fence. Obviously the Pit Bull owner cannot control their mauler; otherwise this little dog would not have been grabbed and pulled underneath the fence.  These people are morons.

She also disputes that the dog poked his head through the fence's slates, which she said contributed to the finding that the pit bulls were provoked.

Hailey Schueneman said after the meeting she would like the ordinance to also include more guidance about how animal control conducts its investigations, because she felt the investigation into the January attack, "was not conducted thoroughly" and relied just on the accounts of the two owners.

"I know why the dogs were found to be not dangerous, but I also feel like there has to be something more," she said.

(Chicago Tribune - March 7, 2018)


Tennessee: If you had a gun, would you sit for nearly 20 minutes watching a man and his small dog being mauled by a Pit Bull??

TENNESSEE -- Responsible Pit Bull owners know their dogs can be dangerous weapons. They need to be treated like firearms; safe in the hands of a responsible person who understands the death and destruction that can be caused by said item -- and handles them accordingly.

When people pretend that love conquers all, their Pit Bull's inherent instincts prove them wrong over and over. And it's the rest of us - and our pets - that pay the price.

Unfortunately for this man and his dog, this person simply sat and typed the attack on Twitter rather than running out with her gun and shooting the attacking Pit Bull. Thanks for nothing lady...

🌸 Junkrat's ( PG Insert )  🌸 @_krumby posted on Twitter March 16, 2018



Ok update on the pit bull mauling: it was a dumb ass simple fuck fur mommy who had a gorgaine pit bull on a goddamn RETRACTABLE LEAD and she was passing a man with a smaller dog.

The man with the smaller dog, seeing the pit bull, leaned down to pick up his pooch which was calm, and cross the street. The DUMB FUCK FUR MOMMY had the RETRACTABLE LEAD and her PIT BULL BROKE THE FUCKING LEAD, ATTACKED THE MAN AND HIS DOG. MAULING THE SMALLER DOG.

I couldn’t make out much but the mauling took place in the grass. The man got bit a few times while holding his dog but when he let go, because being chomped on HURTS, the pit bull went right for the smaller dog.

Almost TWENTY MINUTES of this man and woman fucking beating her pit bull and him not letting go UNTIL he got a stick and jammed it in his anus as she held onto his FLIMSY fucking collar.

I'm not too impressed with her... she has a gun but yet sat and watched for - in her words - nearly 20 MINUTES while this Pit Bull was trying to kill this man and his beloved dog... SMH


Illinois: Authorities close out the case of Dorothy Ford, 76, who was attacked and mauled to death by her own Pit Bull back in December

ILLINOIS -- The death of a woman who was mauled by a pit bull last year in south suburban Alsip has been ruled an accident by the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Officers were called about 3:30 p.m. Dec. 11, 2017 when someone reported the woman was being attacked by a dog in the backyard of a home in the 11600 block of South Komensky, according to Alsip police.

Dorothy Ford, 76, was pronounced dead at the scene after suffering multiple injuries during the attack, according to police and the medical examiner’s office.

On Monday, the medical examiner’s office announced her death had been ruled an accident following an investigation by the agency.

Both Ford and the dog, which was described as a pet, lived at the home, authorities said. The dog was killed by officers when they arrived and found it acting aggressively.

At the time of the attack, police said no complaints involving the dog were previously reported to authorities.

No charges or citations were filed in the case.


(Chicago Sun Times - March 12, 2018)


Wisconsin: Family starts fundraiser for their newly adopted dog that was being mauled by two Pit Bulls until her owner shot them

WISCONSIN -- We adopted our sweet Pepper a little over a month ago from the Humane Society.

My husband, Mike, was taking Pepper out for her evening walk on Saturday, March 3rd, when just a few steps from being in our yard, the neighbor's pit bulls viciously attacked Pepper.

Mike tried to fight the pit bulls off of Pepper, as they both latched on and wouldn't let go.  He fought and screamed for help for almost 5 minutes, but no one came.

As a last resort, my husband left Pepper to run get his gun.  The pit bulls still wouldn't let go. Mike fired 3 shots. The first pit bull released her once it was shot. The other (larger) pit bull wouldn't release her until Mike had fired 2 shots into his chest.  They were relentless!

Pepper had to have emergency surgery for the crushing injuries.  10 lacerations that had 2 to 12 stitches each (estimated about 75 stitches).  She has 2 drains, one internal, and one external.  She's in a lot of pain and on a regimen of pain medication and tranquilizers, plus a few others.

In the past few days, she's lost some stitches and we've found that she has an infection, even though she's on antibiotics.  Her extermal pump isn't functioning because of the popped stitches.  She has to see a specialist and have surgery again to remove the dying skin around the stitches.


We aren't able to afford to pay for another surgery, but we don't want to lose our sweet little puppy.  We didn't rescue her so she could die a violent death.

The news covered the story (see linked story), and we are asking for everyone for help with this. Despite all of the pain she was in, Pepper still wags her tail when we pet her. She loves us and we love her.

Update 1
The skin has died around the original stitches. She’s in surgery now to get restitched and have the drains put back in. In these crushing injuries, it’s a hard thing to deal with.

Update 2
Pepper is doing a lot better after her 2nd surgery. We are at the vet getting her bandages changed. Her stitches are holding now, great sign. She has extra fluid building up near the current drains, but the vet says it’s not cause for concern.

We come back on Monday to have the current drains removed. If needed, they will put another in then to help with the fluid building up.

Even just looking at Pepper, you can tell she’s better. She still has to remain calm and sedated, but she’s strong and she’s pulling through.


Thank you to everyone for the support, kind words, and prayers. It’s a very stressful situation for everyone in our family, but knowing we have support of family and friends, friends of friends, or strangers makes this a lot easier.

Update 3
We went to the vet tonight. Pepper had her bandages changed and the drains removed. She has some fluid building up in her neck still, but the stitches are still holding and she’s mending.

She may have to have one more surgery to relieve some of the fluid. We go back every other day to get her bandages changed and the vet is monitoring the fluid. If she continues to mend, she should get the staples and stitches removed next week Thursday.

Overall though, she’s doing so much better. I cannot begin to express the gratitude we have for everyone that has donated, sent cards, prayers, or just kind words through social media. We are so very grateful for all of the love during this tough situation.

Update 4
Good news! The fluid is going down. If Pepper continues like she is, she won’t need a 3rd surgery, and she will get her stitches out next Thursday. We don’t have to go back for a bandage change until Saturday now. So things are looking up.

She’s been trying to alligator roll to scratch her stitches, so that means she’s healing!! The doctor was happy with how everything looks.

I can’t thank everyone enough for all of the love and support!! When I started this go fund me campaign, I honestly thought we’d raise maybe $50 after a few weeks. But we were close to our goal within a few days!! We have been truly blessed in the midst of this unfortunate event. The donations were a huge stress relief for us, and we were able to focus on helping Pepper recover quickly.

Update 5
Pepper got her stitches out today! She’s still tender, and we have to wait another week to give her a bath (trust me, she needs it). But she’s healing well. She doesn’t have to wear bandages anymore, but we still need to keep her back covered with a T-shirt.

She doesn’t have to be sedated anymore, obviously no rough housing though. Her hair is growing back, and I don’t think you will be able to tell she went through all of this once it’s all back in. She has some fluid still around her neck, but the doctor said it should start to reabsorb into her body soon.

I want to thank everyone again for all of the love. We can’t begin to express just how much we appreciate everyone.


GOFUNDME: Save Pepper's Life
Created March 8, 2018
Shonda Denise Webb Fay


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wisconsin: Woman's Maltese mix mauled to death by two Pit Bulls

WISCONSIN -- Cynthia Kubis and her Maltese mix, Marley, came together at the Wisconsin Humane Society eight years ago.

They were separated Monday after a violent mauling on the city's northwest side when two dogs that she and police described as pit bulls escaped from a yard and attacked Marley.

"Of course my dog starts to bark and one of them grabbed her head in their mouth and started shaking her like a rag doll," Kubis recalled of the attack near North 64th Street and West Moltke Avenue.

Despite blows from Kubis and witnesses, the attack didn't stop until the pit bull owner appeared, grabbed his animals by the scruff and dragged them back home.

The mauling left Kubis battered and bruised, but Marley fared far worse, with bite marks all over her small body. Ultimately, she had to be put down.

Milwaukee police said the owner was cited, but Kubis thinks there should be more accountability.

"I want the dogs put down," she said. "I've called the city."

Kubis said an investigator is looking into the attack, which came just two days after a similar attack in West Allis.

In that case, a dog owner shot dead two dogs that were attacking his 1-year-old pup.

I have posted several stories of men who shoot attacking dogs. I don't recall one story where it was a woman who did this -- correction, actually I was able to find ONE story where a woman used a firearm to shoot an attacking dog ("I got the gun out and went in the backyard and took two shots, I knew I didn't have much time with the way they had her down."). Unfortunately, it seems women don't or won't take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their pets. 

I'm talking about knives, too. There are multiple stories where men pull out a knife and stab an attacking dog. I don't recall any stories of women stabbing dogs that are attacking their pets. 

I'm not trying to single out this poor lady, but look at her. She's the kind of nice, good-hearted person who would bake banana bread for a sick neighbor. But look at her little dog's face. You - the owner - have a duty to protect these little guys. You can't be a lamb when there are lions running around, looking to kill. Remember the Disney cartoon Lambert the Sheepish Lion? How he became a 'real lion' at the end to chase away the wolf which had grabbed his mama, the sheep?

It's frustrating to see this happen over and over and over again. Vicious dogs will always be among us. Irresponsible owners won't change. Therefore, women need to be the ones to change - to protect themselves, their children and their pets. 

(WISN - March 7, 2018)


North Carolina: Marine has to shoot Pit Bull "four or five times" to get it to finally stop mauling seven-year-old boy

Tennessee: Pit Bull mauling Miniature Schnauzer isn't fazed when beaten with metal rods. Finally neighbor shoots Pit Bull five times. Schnauzer is released only to be grabbed again by the Pit Bull which, despite having five bullet holes in it, continues to try to maul the smaller dog

New Hampshire: Police determine man walking his Labrador was justified in shooting, killing Pit Bull that was attacking them

Michigan: Man shoots and kills pit bull that attacked his dog while on a walk in Roseville

California: Surveillance video captures two Pit Bulls attacking horses before being shot to death

New Hampshire: Dog shot and killed at rest stop by owner of smaller dog after attack

California: Even after being shot, Pit Bull continues attack on woman's German Shepherd, which is screaming in pain

Florida: Woman and her small Poodle mauled by next door neighbor's 70-pound pit bull in their own yard; husband gets gun and shoots pit bull

Wisconsin: Labrador being walked by its owner is attacked by a loose pit bull. Lab owner and a neighbor punched the pit bull, then beat it over the head with a stick. When that didn't work, they shot the pit bull.

Ohio: Little girl and babysitter in serious condition after pit bull attack; neighbor saved them by running over and shooting the dog

Washington: Spokane man shoots pit bull in the head in self-defense

Mississippi: Teenaged son shoots dog and rescues his father after he is attacked by the family's 140-lb Anatolian Shepherd

Vermont: Off-duty cop justified in shooting Pit Bull that was attacking his dog at park

Louisiana: Grandma, protecting her grandson, is horribly mauled by pit bull
"The doctor explained to me that basically her entire lower face, from the check bones down, has been peeled away. She has lost her bottom lip. A neighbor/friend luckily had a gun in her truck 30 ft away and shot the animal. A bullet was the only thing that stopped him"