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Oklahoma: Father of little girl mauled to death by Pit Bull says the previous owner was going to take it to the pound and he thought, because it was a Pit Bull, it would've been put down - so he brought it home

OKLAHOMA -- The father of the Duncan girl who was killed by a Pit Bull on Sunday has spoken publicly for the first time since it happened.

Jason Dodge says his daughter, 3-year-old Rylee Marie Dodge, was attacked by the dog at their home on Sunday. The girl was at the home with her grandmother when the attack happened.

Dodge said he had left to go visit his brother and had only been gone about 20 minutes when his mother called him.

“I got the phone call, you know, 'Your daughter and the dog,' and that’s all I heard and I rushed here as fast as I can,” Dodge said.

He arrived back to a horrific scene.

“And, when I came in the house, my mom was laying on the dog and she was just all bloody. I mean she was trying her best to get the dog off my daughter. My daughter was just there laying on the bed, just limp,” Dodge said.

“My mom was right there when it happened. There is literally blood all through the house. And, that’s why I didn’t even come back last night because it’s so bad.”

Dodge said he grabbed his daughter to rush her to the hospital but the ambulance arrived just as he was carrying her out.

“She was just so chewed up, I mean there’s just no coming back from that. The doctors did everything they could. They tried to give her blood and everything, and she’d just passed. There’s nothing they could do, absolutely nothing,” Dodge said.

The EMS crew and doctors at the hospital attempted to save the girl but were unable to do so.

When police arrived, Dodge told them to kill the dog or he would.

“He went and got his shotgun. I was like kill this dog, you know, shoot it down or I will. And, he did. He shot it in the backyard,” Dodge said.

Dodge said his mom, Rylee’s grandmother, was not bitten by the dog but had to go to the hospital, as well.

“She actually pulled her arm out of the socket by holding the dog down so long until I got home. She had to check herself in the hospital herself because her arm was so messed up from holding the dog down too long. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t, I mean she had no stamina whatsoever. She couldn’t even get up,” Dodge said.

Dodge said Rylee loved all animals and had a sweet and loving nature.

Dodge said he had just gotten the pit bull five days ago from a friend and he didn’t just immediately take the dog.

He took his son over to the friend’s house to make sure the dog was friendly with children.

“It loved him, gave him a hug and licked him on the face and everything. Brought him here, my son come outside all day long and play with him, didn’t do nothing to him,” Dodge said.

In the video clip he says he got the [one-year-old unneutered] Pit Bull from a friend who had said she was going to "take him to the pound".

He told the reporter he took the dog in because he loves animals and HE FIGURED THAT, BECAUSE IT'S A PIT BULL, IT WOULD PROBABLY BE EUTHANIZED AT THE SHELTER [so he made the biggest mistake of his life and brought it home].

Dodge said he kept the dog in his fenced-in front yard and his daughter opened up the front door because she wanted to play with the dog and it just immediately attacked her.

Dodge said the day before the deadly attack on his daughter, his son had played with the Pit Bull "all day long" in the backyard without issue.

(ABC7 - January 15, 2018)

(December 2017) Pennsylvania: Child hospitalized after being attacked by neighbor's pit bull. Doctors said he will keep his arm, but has a long road to recovery

PENNSYLVANIA -- "Some man knocked on my door and said a dog was eating my son’s arm,” said Brandi Sanders, of McKeesport, about the moment she found out her son, King Martin, 5, had been attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull Friday on Boyd Street.

“My heart dropped. The first thing I did was just grab my son. I didn't care if the dog bit me or nothing. I just grabbed my son and I just broke down, holding him,” said Sanders.

“I was afraid I was going to lose him. He, like, passed out, so I didn't know what was going on. His body was, like, hopeless. I was afraid to lose him.”

Martin was rushed to Children’s Hospital. Doctors said he will keep his arm, but has a long road to recovery. Martin spent Christmas in the hospital and doctors aren't not sure when he'll go home.

Sanders said his days seem to be getting worse.

“He's depressed about it. He feels like he’s not going be OK,” said Sanders.

Once her son is better, Sanders plans to speak with McKeesport police about pressing charges.

To make matters worse, Sanders said, she’s been fired from her job at a fast-food restaurant because she’s had to miss work in order to spend time with her son in the hospital.

UPDATE: On Thursday, Sanders said she talked to management of the fast-food company and said she was told she can have her job back.

GoFundMe: Help King recover
Created December 23, 2017
Brandi Sanders
My son's was mauled by a 1 year old pit in the mckeesport  area... when  yesterday started off the perfect day and being in the 50s can go get some fresh air... a near by neighbors dog got loose and attacked my 5 year old... we don't know if he will have motor in his left arm due  to the injuries

we also will be spending Christmas  and more likely  New Years here I have 3 other children I have to get back and forth from children's hospital to home... Christmas is ruined but I don't want our spirits to be broken I'm asking for anything  to help with transportation , food, etc while we are here if you can find it in your hearts we appreciate it truly  thankful.

King is still in the hospital he has his good days he has his bad days he just wants to come home he's refusing to take medicine cuz he's just overwhelmed his body just can't take it he can't take it it's still getting hard I pray and pray everyday everything gets better days go easier but sometimes it just seems like it's not it's hard going to hospital in home then checking on my other three children I just asked everyone to keep praying for us

King still in the hospital not doing to good not eating, still not trying to take his medicine and has a fever still don't know when he can go home

It been 2weeks since king been in the hospital he not eating or taking his medicine keep getting a fever and they don't know why .... they are doing all this all these tests on him since they don't know what's wrong with him they got to come in a room with something on their mouth gloves and something to cover that close and he can't leave the room because whatever he had he might can give to other children....

We are still at the hospital king we got a long way to go ..... He being so strong they are moving him to child places so he still not coming home no time soon

So king being so strong he get a skin graft on the 11th and they're trying to put him in child home like a little kids nursing home

So Kings have an infection by his bone which is causing him to have real bad fevers he can't get his skin graft Thursday because of the affection and we still don't know when we'll be home I just asked for everyone to just pray for him


(WTAE - December 28, 2017)

California: After family's Springer Spaniel is attacked by a Pit Bull in his own yard, one vet after another fails them

CALIFORNIA -- Just want to share more about Rowdy’s story and why he means so much to our family. Barry and I raised our three kids, Josh, Jeremy and Lesli with Landy, who was my Springer Spaniel puppy when Barry and I met.

She was a huge part of our family and was 14 years old when she left us. We loved her so much.

Jeremy and Kristen started their family the same way... Jeremy had his Chester boy, a sweet funny rescue pup who was part of the package when they were married. Unbelievably, they lost Chester when an owl snatched him from his new backyard just after they moved to their new home, breaking their hearts.

In an effort to restore the tragic loss of Jeremy and Kristen’s beloved family pet, Barry knew it had to be what we called a Landy dog... and Rowdy arrived! What should have been great times for all with this rambunctious puppy, turned horrific when we lost Barry just four weeks later...

Rowdy has been such a comfort and helped fill the void of not having Barry and was the last gift Jeremy received from his dad...

Unfortunately on Christmas Eve Rowdy was Attacked by a pit bull in his own backyard. 

Jeremy didn’t see the attack but knew something was wrong and rushed him to a vet that night but the vet didn’t shave him and told Jeremy it was bruised muscles, gave him tramadol and some anti inflammatory meds, said he’ll be fine in a few days.

Jeremy even called back 36 hours later and said it seemed like he was swollen and they said it’s normal, the next morning he started to bleed out his wounds that we never saw until they had abscessed.

That was when Jeremy rushed him to the 2nd hospital that promised him they had it under control and he’d be fine under they’re care, again another flawed treatment.

Jeremy’s not a doctor and has never dealt with something like this. After realizing Rowdy was in terrible shape we rushed him to a 3rd emergency vet clinic where they told him it was too late and Rowdy wasn’t going to make it, he was in septic shock and his kidneys were shutting down.

Jeremy was absolutely crushed and demanded they try anything possible, the doctor agreed to try a blood transfusion and luckily it gave Rowdy an extra day to be able to be transferred to a critical care facility in Ontario CA.

Again the Doctors said it was about a 25% chance he’d make it but Jeremy insisted on trying everything they could to bring Rowdy back to life, he’s now been under they’re care for several days and has beat every odd thrown at him.

At one point they said it was time to end the battle, Jeremy, Kristen along with Reed and Ella, Kristens dad Rick, Lesli and myself we prepared to say our last good bye and Rowdy gave us one last bursts of energy sat up wagged his tail and gave us all the look of “don’t give up on me” so we asked for the doctor to examine him and sure enough the doctor said “he is the strongest dog I’ve ever seen in his condition let’s give this another day”.

Rowdy has now made some much needed improvements, his Liver and kidneys have started coming back to life! Rowdy wants to live and is a walking miracle, we can’t lose him and are going to fight this as long as Rowdy is able, that being said this fight is coming at a huge financial burden and if you feel lead to help support Rowdy’s fight our family greatly appreciates your help.

Thank you for all of you prayers and support. Rowdy will need months of care to bring him back from this...but he has proven over and over he wants his life back and we will do anything to make sure he has it.

No donation to help Rowdy is too small please give?? This family needs your help!! Thank you.

All checked in for another sleep over with my dude, doc called me a few hours ago with good news, said his wounds have stopped spreading and it looks like the antibiotics are finally killing whatever bacteria is in the wounds, it’s a small step but at least it’s a good sign his immune system is working, next big hurdle is to get his liver and kidneys to start healing, they are worse then yesterday but they’ll do another blood test around 4am to see where his levels are at, if they can at least stop them from getting worse that’ll give us a good sign the drugs are starting to win and Rowdy’s winning the battle.

Absolutely amazed at the surprise they had for me, he’s doing so good after having some food in his system for 24hrs, still along way to go but he’s surpassing every expectation the doctor had for him. #prayforRowdy #heiswinning #thelongroadhome

Whooooooo hooooooo good news!!! Kidneys have dropped from 4.8 to 2.7! And liver has dropped from 6.6 to 4.6!!! This is a huge step in his recovery, he’s going to make it!! We have a lot more work but the most important was getting his organs functioning.

Every donation helps Rowdy’s family afford his much needed care. He’s been in the hospital since Christmas Eve... this is an ongoing process to bring him back to his happy self... thank you for your donations, prayers, and support ??

GoFundMe: Please Help Rowdy
Created January 1, 2018
Jeremy Swanson
(From Jeremy’s mom)

Tennessee: Doberman has to be tased to stop attack on firefighter and bystander

TENNESSEE -- A Shelbyville firefighter was injured Friday morning when a Doberman Pinscher belonging to a neighbor attacked at least two people at a house fire on Jarrell Street.

The firefighter was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center for treatment, sources said. City Manager Shanna Boyette would not release the firefighter’s name, citing HIPAA health privacy regulations.

She did say at least one other person at the scene was treated for cuts inflicted by the dog.

A city police officer used a taser to bring the dog under control, bystanders said.

The dog has caused problems in the neighborhood for some time, according to comments on social media.

Police were unavailable for comment Saturday,

Heavy smoke

Smoke was pouring from the home on the 300 block of Jarrell Street when firefighters arrived about 10:30 a.m.

No flames were visible, but acting fire chief Matt Doak said the home suffered “extensive damage.”

The occupants were away, but firefighters removed a dog from the home. That dog — which was not the one that attacked bystanders — emerged with no signs of distress and was placed in the care of neighbors.

The fire is “under investigation” and no cause or origin had been determined as of Saturday, Doak said. Real estate records show the house is rental property owned by Warren and Dena Landers of Shelbyville.

(Shelbyville Times - January 14, 2018)

Monday, January 15, 2018

Texas: Pit bull that owner claims is a "service dog" will be euthanized after gruesome attack of San Angelo boy

TEXAS -- Seven-year-old Israel Costilla stood beside his mother and grandmother as a judge ordered a pit bull named Trouble to be euthanized.

The verdict was a sad sigh of relief for the Costilla family.

On Dec. 9, the dog mauled Israel Costilla after the boy entered a home shared by his great aunt, Lisa Peden, and her then-roommate, Rayetta Trigg — the pit bull’s owner.

Fresh from a Saturday evening shopping trip, Peden, Israel and Israel’s brother and mother “walked in the door. (Israel) started petting Trouble, and Trouble attacked him,” Peden said. “It happened in two minutes.”

Trigg, who was in New Mexico visiting her father, did not witness the attack.

At the hearing Thursday, Peden said she pulled the dog off Israel and dragged it outside. Then she and Israel’s mother, Andi Costilla, frantically called 911.

Officer Green of the San Angelo Police Department saw Israel lying on a stretcher when he arrived.

“It looked like part of the child’s face had been chewed off completely,” Green told the court. 

After calling Animal Control Services, Green entered the residence and made a second gruesome discovery:

“I saw what looked like part of a child’s face in a pool of blood.”

Officer Green checked on the pit bull outside, testifying in court that he kept one hand on his gun for safety, afraid the pit bull might attack again.

Israel was taken by ambulance to Shannon Medical Center, where he underwent emergency surgery.

“He ended up getting 300 stitches,” said Ana Costilla, Israel’s grandmother. “He didn’t get out of surgery until around 2:30, maybe almost 4 o’clock in the morning.”

An Animal Control officer collected the pit bull, which spent the next 10 days under quarantine before being released to Trigg.

Israel will spend a considerable time healing physically, emotionally and mentally, family members said.


“He’s had two surgeries since, and he’s going to have to have more facial reconstruction done and dental work,” said Ana.

In the meantime, Israel Costilla hides his face from others — and himself.

“He wears a mask out in public,” Ana said. “You know, he doesn’t even like seeing himself in the mirror, so every time he goes to take a shower, we have to take the mirror down in the bathroom.”


Even eating has become a challenge for Israel.

“He has to eat with a baby fork and spoon. He has to drink out of sippy cup or use a straw because (the pit bull) took most of his bottom lip.”

Trigg represented herself during the hearing. Her closing statement was an emotional and tearful plea to Presiding Municipal Court Judge Allen Gilbert to save her pit bull.

“He’s all I got,” she sobbed.

The state prosecutor argued the pit bull is dangerous and should be released to Animal Control [to be euthanized].

After private deliberation, Gilbert returned to the courtroom and delivered his verdict.

“These decisions are always difficult because there’s a lot of emotions on both sides,” Gilbert said.


He then pronounced that Trigg was harboring an animal “declared to be a nuisance,” in line with Chapter 3 of the city’s animal control ordinance, which states If the court determines an animal is “vicious or dangerous” or “has bitten or attacked any person,” the court may order the dog be delivered to the animal services director and be destroyed.

Gilbert then ruled the pit bull would be taken from its owner and given to animal services. Trigg was fined and further ordered to pay restitution to the Costilla family for Israel’s medical expenses.

Outside the courtroom, the Costilla family appeared relieved but solemn.

On the other side of the closed doors, Trigg could be heard sobbing loudly.

This is the mentality of Rayetta Trigg

“It’s a sad day all around,” said Israel’s mother.

How to help
A gofundme.com page has been set up to help with Israel's medical expenses

(Standard Times - January 12, 2018)


California: Three six-month-old Pit Bulls already have the instinct to chase, attack, maul and kill; try to kill elderly woman's Corgi

CALIFORNIA -- Schelli Rambo posted on Facebook January 4, 2018 at 6:38pm · Foothill Farms ·

My first "good human deed" happened today!!

On my way to the Bodega for dinner supplies, I witnessed three unleashed young pit bulls attacking and chasing a small Corgi.

When I pulled over, i saw that the Corgi belonged to an elderly woman. I immediately began chasing the dogs to get them if the poor Corgi. Finally caught up with them as the Corgi wedged herself under a nearby car for protection!!

I caught up to them and screamed at the pitties at the top of my lungs!!! I meant business!! They ran off back to their owner, and the Corgi ran home.

Meanwhile, i run back to my car which i left running and my purse in the seat, to park and lock it... I quickly wrote down the license plate number if the pit owners' truck, in case she took off... Then went looking for the woman and dog to give her the information...

The woman had taken her dog home, which i had no idea where that was so going door to door and asking around. The pit owner was also looking for the woman to do the right thing. Finally found the woman, whose husband went out to exchange information with the pit owner lady.

Who was taking her sons dogs out to run around since they can't at home....

Luckily the Corgi was not bleeding, however her back was sensitive to the touch. I strongly suggested to the elderly couple to take their dog to the vet to check and make sure!!!

The end ❤️😁

Oregon: Two-year-old boy attacked by pit bull, undergoes 16-hour surgery to repair scalp which was ripped off

OREGON -- A 2-year-old boy underwent an hours-long surgery this week in Portland after he was brutally injured by a pit bull.

Jeremiah Frohlich was attacked by the dog near his Medford home. He suffered a broken arm, and his scalp was torn off. He was rushed by a medical helicopter to Portland, where he underwent a 16-hour-long surgery to repair his scalp.

"Our biggest concern is, when we come home, we want to make sure that Jeremiah is being well cared for. We cannot go back to where we were staying where he was attacked by the dog. It's not a good environment," his mother said.

The family wants him to recover in Medford.

*  *  *  *  *  *

YouCaring: Baby Jeremiah's Family
For: Serena and Scott (&5 kiddos)
Grants Pass, OR
Organizer: Brettani Shannon
$4,409 of $5,000 goal raised by 63 donors

Two-year-old Jeremiah was medi-flighted to Portland for a 16 hr surgery to piece his scalp back together after a dog attack. The doctors prepared his mother, Serena, for a difficult surgery: skin grafting and moving a vein from his leg to his head, but miraculously, his scalp fit together "like a puzzle".

He was sedated for several days to give his body the best chance at healing and things seem to be going well so far, but now they fear a neck injury and he is showing signs of illness.

This family is no stranger to crisis. After the death of her mother, the family moved here with the promise of a great job and a fresh start, but that is the opposite of their experience for the last two years.

Like so many others, this family of 7 has been unable to find housing, moving from a tent to a single room to a garage, all in outlying areas making it difficult with one car. The transmission went out in their only vehicle, so the family has been stranded in Williams with no way to shop for food and other necessities.

To make matters worse, the owners of the dog are also the owners of the home where they live, so a once challenging situation is now urgent.

She worked in a local drug rehab counseling center until the birth of their 7 month old baby. As a skilled laborer, the father, Scott, has work waiting for him if he can find reliable transportation. She is also ready and willing to return to work if and when she could get herself there and her children to childcare.

Both parents are hungry for God, relationships, stability and want nothing more than to contributing members of our community, but instead they find themselves at our mercy.

Please join me in lifting this family up, help them get a firm foundation under their feet and see them soar.

Goal #1 was to get them some food, diapers and clothing. Done. Thank you!

Goal #2 reliable transportation so these loving parents can work and provide for their children

Goal #3 a stable safe home for this family to put roots down and thrive


Update  posted on January 9, 2018
Good news coming from Portland.  Jeremiah is making progress and his dad and siblings were finally able to arrive to see him and give mom some much needed rest.

They all are currently staying at the Ronald McDonald House, but this stay will come to an end on Tuesday, January 10.  Jeremiah’s current physical needs are being met at the hospital, but the family is homeless. They have a couple options they are looking into for their remaining stay in Portland.  At this time, Jeremiah is scheduled for release on January 29.

Their situation at that time will be dire.  They are homeless and will have no place to go.

This family’s biggest need and priority at this time is housing.

As you recall, they were living in a shop with no heat or facilities.  They were able to use the restroom and kitchen in the house at the property they were staying.  

The owners of this property are also the owners of the dog that got loose and attacked Jeremiah.  The family cannot return to this situation, and even if they could, it is not a safe, healthy environment for Jeremiah or the rest of the family.

They need a home.  They need a place where the family can be together when Jeremiah leaves the hospital.  Can you help?  Do you have a rental, a room or two that this family could stay in temporarily until Jeremiah is stable and dad is able to return to work? Serena is reaching out to organizations as well as the hospital advocates. She will be contacting local agencies and looking at all options available to help.

Please continue donating. This money will be used to pay for stable housing which this family desperately needs to be able to meet Jeremiah’s needs when he’s released.

(KATU - January 12, 2018)