Saturday, October 14, 2017

(September 2017) Texas: Stray Husky attacked by Pit Bull

TEXAS -- Sanny Villanueva posted on Facebook to ‎Lost and Found Pets of Lubbock, TX. September 27, 2017 near Lubbock, TX ·

This baby just got taken from my moms house by animal control, he was attacked by a pit bull and is hurt and limping and bleeding from his back leg... so if this is anyone's baby please go get... he is very understanding.

Christina Smallwood - I bet the worthless animal control service didn't even pick up the pitt that attacked him either did they?

Sanny Villanueva - Yes they did. He was quick to run to his owner but we let animal control know where he belonged and they picked him up and gave owner a citation.

Christina Smallwood - I am glad to hear that. I have a neighbor that lets their pits run lose around here and they don't do anything about it.

Sanny Villanueva - My mom says that pittbull has been aggressive with mail man before, and he is always roaming around loose. In everyones yard.

Sanny Villanueva - Well the animal service lady who came out to get the dog drove around asking if the dog belonged near by, my brother also asked neighbors but no one seemed to know where he belonged

Michigan: Little dog named Jet lucky to be alive after being attacked by a Pit Bull

MICHIGAN -- Laurie Knott added 4 new photos to Facebook October 4, 2017 · Grand Rapids, MI ·

Here are pictures of my baby boy Jet today at the vet appt after pit bull attack Monday. I myself am in better shape...

...Pit bull was taken from owners by animal control to be euthanized.

Alabama: Mariah Moorehouse's Pit Bull attacked by another Pit Bull. She won't call Animal Control to report the attacking dog because she's not supposed to even have a Pit Bull at her apartment

ALABAMA -- Mariah Moorehouse posted on Facebook October 1, 2017 ·
Trooper was attacked by someone’s pit bull a few weeks back. The same one attacked Luna tonight. 😡😡

Brihanna Contreras - You need to call animal control.

Mariah Moorehouse - It’s one of the ladies who works at the front desk 😫 I don’t wanna get kicked out lol especially when I’m not supposed to have a pit here

Brihanna Contreras - But she can have one there? That's crazy. Maybe ask around and see if anyone else (with a dog that's not pit) has had this issue and get them to call animal control. It needs to be reported so she can be held responsible.

Mariah Moorehouse - That’s a good idea. Bo said the dog is covered in scars, so I know these aren’t just isolated incidents. Makes me so sad

Audra Maddox - You are too nice, I would have shot the dog after it attacked the first one.😡

Mariah Moorehouse - I wasn’t out there either time. Bo was 😞 I would have kicked that dang dog the second it came near her lol

Illinois: Little boy attacked by his dad's Pit Bull

ILLINOIS -- Natalie Marie added 3 new photos to Facebook October 7, 2017 · Oswego, IL ·

My poor Julian was attacked by a Pit bull Tonight. A family dog. I'm in complete shock. I'm grateful my son's alive. As you can see from the pictures that dog went for the neck. And Julian is such a gentle soul I know he did nothing to the dog for this to happen. Makes you wonder what's going on in that dog's life.

... It's a good dog normally. I mean I was close with it way back when I was with my ex. But also at the same time way back then it bit someone else.

... It's just really sad. I love animals. I love pit bulls. I think the poor dog constantly being locked up has something to do with it. And Julian is so timid around big dogs already so this really sucks. I'm sure he'll be scared for the rest of his life.

... I've had pits before never had this issue. But I have seen pits that aren't properly taken care of that will snap. I'm headed to the police department I feel like I have to fill out a report.

Georgia: Little dog named Charlie mauled to death by a Pit Bull

GEORGIA -- Sheila Rolfe posted on Facebook September 29, 2017 ·

Hey guys pray for Charlie and me. We were attacked tonight by a pit bull. I was walking to the mailbox and he came across the yard and attacked us.

I have a few cuts on my hands but Charlie is going to surgery tonight and will have a long time recovery. He is hurt so bad.

... This is sheryl. Charley did not make it. Needless to say Sheila and my mom are devastated please pray for them.  Sheila went to the Dr they have her on antibiotics and her hand is really swollen

Sheila Rolfe posted on Facebook October 1, 2017 ·

My baby is gone but will never be forgotten. My heart is broken but thankful God let me have 9 years with my precious baby.

Arizona: "Andy got attacked by a pit bull today while running with Mike"

ARIZONA -- Deborah Cartwright posted on Facebook October 10, 2017 ·

Andy got attacked by a pit bull today while running with Mike...his ear and neck bit...poor fella

...the Pit bull actually went after Annabelle first but she's slippery and got away and she's got a small mark and then got a hold of Andy's neck and ear.... to be honest I think they're just both really traumatized

(September 2017) California: Rottweiler mix attacked in its own yard by two Pit Bulls

CALIFORNIA -- Susan Eyer-Anderson added 3 new photos to Facebook September 29, 2017 · San Jacinto, CA ·

Poor dog. Was attacked by 2 pit bulls in his own yard and I had to debride and crop his ear. He is going to look like a multiple personality dog.

[Comments say he's a Rottweiler mix]