Saturday, September 16, 2017

Florida: Responsible Pit Bull owners turn over their dog after it attacks woman. Just kidding, they hid the dog and threatened the victim.

FLORIDA -- Susan Lissberger added 7 new photos to Facebook. September 12 at 3:59am ·

Yikes.... I was attacked by a pit bull..

In shock.

No words.

Linda Kallai - The dog needs to be put down, surprised it isn't already.
And the owner is an idiot! This is not cool!

Susan Lissberger - The owner of the dog has me as upset as the attack.

Susan Lissberger - Animal control, police and ambulance here now . I keep fainting. She threatened me for posting on Facebook . So it went from civil to criminal. They are all in hiding, hid the dog.

Police said they are crack addicts and at their house often.

Mississippi: Pit Bull shot after charging Long Breach police officer; owner claims dog was tethered when shot and broke loose only after being shot. Um, yeah.

MISSISSIPPI -- A Long Beach police officer shot a pit bull Friday afternoon after the animal broke free from a lead and charged the officer.

According to Long Beach Police Chief Wayne McDowell, the officer responded to an attempted burglary call at an apartment complex on Park Row Ave. around 1:15 p.m. As the officer made his way around to the back of the complex to investigate, the pit bull came after the officer.


McDowell says that the officer fended off the animal at first, but the dog came charging at him a second time and the officer fired his gun. The dog was shot in the paw, and its owners have taken it to a veterinarian for treatment.

The chief confirms that five shots were fired, and no one in the complex was in danger.


"As we do with any shooting, we'll do a shooting review board. But after I personally watched the video, I believe the officer was justified in what he did."


The owners, Heather Jones and Joey Jones, claim that the Pit Bull was tethered outside the apartment building and that the dog only broke loose from the tether AFTER it had been shot in the paw. However, the police chief has already watched the video, which will be public record, and says the officer was justified in shooting the aggressive Pit Bull which repeatedly attempted to attack him.

In the screenshot below you see "Joey-Heather Jones" claim that the Pit Bull only broke its tether to attack the officer after the officer "started shooting at her". Well, they weren't there so how would they know?



John Haley, Tiffany Haley and Charles Penton commented on this story. Will be interesting to see who they call if and when they need help since they hate the police so much.

(WLOX - Sept 15, 2017)

Pennsylvania: Woman attacked by neighbor's Pit Bull says he refuses to show proof that his dog was vaccinated, forcing her to endure series of rabies shots

PENNSYLVANIA -- Police are investigating after a woman said she was attacked by a Pit Bull in her friend’s neighborhood last weekend.

Angel White, of North Braddock, said she was walking across the street from her home, going to a neighbor’s house last Sunday night, when the neighbor’s Pit Bull started charging directly towards her.

The dog was not on a leash.

“I had flip flops on. I tried climbing over the fence; it was the owner’s fence. When I got to the top, the dog bit into the back of my right leg; then, I fell back into their yard,” White said.

White said she did nothing to provoke the Pit Bull.

When she started screaming, the animal’s owner tried to get the dog off her, but the Pit Bull wouldn’t let go. He bit both legs and literally took a chunk out of her left leg.

She said, “The puncture wounds on my right leg weren’t as deep as the other leg, but you can see his teeth marks. I felt it when he sank his teeth into my leg.”


White described her neighbor as a friend, someone she’s known for years, and she can’t understand why now he won’t provide proof that the dog has had a rabies vaccination.

“I can’t sleep at night,” she said. “My main thing is, I don’t know what I’m facing. I don’t know if this dog had his rabies shots. It will be a painful experience for me. I just want to see the [rabies] paperwork, that would ease my mind.”

North Braddock Police are handling the investigation.


(CBS Local - September 14, 2017)

Colorado: Police and wildlife officers rescue mama bear and cubs who were chased up tree by people trying to photograph them

COLORADO -- Those were not big cats plucked out of a tree Thursday afternoon by the Aspen fire department.

A mother bear and two cubs that took up residence this week in a tree on an Aspen pedestrian mall were evicted when Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials tranquilized the mother and then two cubs.

The groggy mother slowly slid down the tree trunk and into a tarp held by law enforcement officials.

Once she was wrapped up and put in a cage, fire officials used a cherry-picker basket to get to the sedated cubs.

When the three were safely on the ground, the crowd of people who gathered behind the caution tape cheered the rescue.

The mama bear and her two cubs appeared healthy and will be driven "way west of here," said Perry Will, area wildlife manager for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. "They'll be very close to the Utah border in very good habitat."

The bears were in Aspen probably for the crab apples, Will said, because food in the mountains is scarce this year.

"They're not bad bears," Will said. "They just found a spot that was bad."

The cubs were likely born in February in the den, while the mother is probably 5 or 6 years old.

Aspen Police Chief Richard Pryor said he thinks it was the same mother and two cubs who were hanging around the courthouse last week.

Earlier Thursday, police said the situation "got pretty heated" Wednesday when the bears tried to leave the tree among a large group of onlookers.

The police department had yellow caution tape around much of the center of the Hyman Avenue mall Thursday and at about 2:30 p.m. decided to bring the bears out of the tree.

The family of bears had attempted to leave, climbing down from the tree Wednesday evening, but a waiting crowd pounced - many of them “insisting on trying to get close enough to take selfies,” according to Sgt. Rob Fabrocini.

Sgt. Fabrocini witnessed one woman walk up to the bears with her child in her arms hoping to take a picture with them.

When the bears tried to escape, a small group of people pursued them, trying to shoot video.

During the chase, the mother and cubs were separated. The upset mother returned to the mall looking for her cubs. She unleashed loud cries.

“People were still walking right up to her, even when it was clear she was agitated and growling as people got close,” Fabrocini said.

Police feared that the bear might attack someone and told the crowd to disperse.

*   *   *   *   *  

During Thursday's removal, the entire block-long mall was closed down for about an hour.


There have been a large number of bear-related reports this summer, according to Aspen police.

"Every single day we're getting lots and lots of bear calls," Aspen Assistant Police Chief Bill Linn said last week.

Kurtis Tesch, wildlife manager in the Aspen area for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, said the bears' food sources are minimal because the acorn crop this year froze and berries are scarce.

As of last week, Tecsch said they had euthanized about nine bears and relocated many others.

"I'm glad it looks like there will be a happy ending for them," Aspen Police Officer Ryan Turner said after Thursday's relocation.

(The Aspen Times - Sept 4, 2017)

Ohio: Avon Lake neighborhood terrorized and attacked by neighbor's vicious pit bulls

OHIO -- "I moved here back in March and I'd say about five times these dogs have been loose and they're not very nice at all, at all."

Jessica Novosel says her Avon Lake street would be nice, quiet and safe for kids to play on, if it were not for a couple of aggressive dogs.

About a week ago, she had to make a mad dash to save herself and her children when the dogs charged.

It's hard to deny that the dogs are vicious, attacking not once, but four times in a matter of minutes. Novosel says she likes dogs except for these two dogs that she says are terrorizing her neighborhood.

She posted some video from her home security camera of the dogs attempting to attack her and her children.

"We were coming home from grocery shopping and on my way into the house with the kids I saw the two dogs and I kind of rushed and pushed them into house. Right after that the dogs kind of chased me in. They chased me in the house and I shut the door and they just kept attacking the door. That went on for about thirty minutes." 

Jessica, who had called Avon Lake Police a couple of times before, called a third time fearful the attacking dogs might maul someone.

Just then a couple of boys with bikes were passing her house. The chain on one bikes popped off, putting a 12 year boy in the wrong place at the wrong time. It didn't take long for the dogs to turn their attention to him.

"He kind of stopped right here in front of my house and the dogs started circling him.  I was telling him just stay where you are, don't move. I think he got a little nervous.

"He took off and I could have swore the dog bit him in the leg. He said he was fine which was good. He jumped in the neighbor's pool."

Another neighbor Mary Jane Lasure watched in horror when the dogs stopped chasing the boy and came for her.

"I was standing here and they come charging through here at me.  I had to open the door and fell, right in the doorway."

She hurt her arm and shoulder, but did not get bitten by the dogs. Lasure, who has lived in her house on Vanda Avenue for 71 years, says the dogs weren't finished yet.

The first kid on his bike came back to check on his buddy and she said the dogs chased him down the street.

The owner of the dogs lives in a rented house across the street, and the lease states: no dogs.

Avon Lake police have been contacted repeatedly 
about these vicious Pit Bulls and have done NOTHING.

Avon Lake does not have a breed specific ordinance banning dogs, but it has two laws addressing vicious dogs that either attempt to attack or actually do attack someone. The owner can be cited and fined with the fines increasing each subsequent time.


(Cleveland19 - September 12, 2017)

Florida: Marcus Adams, 33, arrested after police find dead puppy, abused dog

FLORIDA -- A 33-year-old man was arrested Thursday after police said they discovered the remains of a dead puppy and found another dog injured and malnourished.

Marcus Aren Adams faces a charge of felony animal cruelty.

St. Petersburg police said they received a report at 11:57 a.m. of a dead puppy at 843 41st Street South.

When officer arrived they said they found the decayed remains of a puppy in a crate. 

They also found a female pit bull terrier named "Girl" chained in the backyard. The chain had cut into the dog's neck over a period of time, police said, and that it was also malnourished.

The dog was taken into custody by Pinellas County Animal Services.


( - Sept 14, 2017)

Texas: Dog found abandoned with duct tape around paws, mouth

TEXAS -- A woman who was delivering mail Thursday morning in Gray County, Texas, came across a disturbing sight.

A post on Facebook has people infuriated after a dog was found with duct tape around its mouth and front paws.

According to the person who posted the photo of the dog, the animal was found Thursday morning off County Road 14 near Pampa. The woman who found the dog was able to free him.

The Gray County Sheriff's Office was also called regarding the disturbing incident, but by the time Deputies arrived, the dog was already gone.

GCSO did confirm they responded to the call but since the dog was gone by the time Deputies arrived, there is no information on a possible suspect. However, the GCSO is investigating this incident and asks anyone with any information to contact the GCSO (806)669-8022.

According to a comment on the post, the dog is being taken care of by a citizen.

(KATV - Sept 15, 2017)