Saturday, November 18, 2017

(October 2017) Texas: Six-year-old boy attacked by neighbor's Pit Bull. He sustained numerous serious injuries, including serious tissue, nerve damage, and multiple injuries to his face and skull

TEXAS -- Angel Hester-Simon posted on Facebook October 20, 2017 ·

Facebook friends and family I am truly soliciting prays today for one of our daycare children who was viciously attacked by a pit bull dog a few hours ago at home. My heart is very heavy at the moment!

Prayer warriors his Name is Zachary and please cover his mom, dad, sister and 9 year old brother who found him. It is not looking good! But we TRUST GOD!


Facebook group: Zachary's Road To Recovery
On Friday 10/20/17 our sweet 6 year old boy Zachary was attacked by a neighborhood dog while he played in our backyard. He sustained injuries to his head and neck including multiple lacerations and facial fractures.

The past 72 hours have been a roller coaster ride of events and emotions for our family.  Zachary has been so brave and inspiring through this entire experience.

In the days to come, he will have multiple surgeries and many obstacles to overcome.  This page is to help document his journey and keep everyone informed as his recovery progresses.

GoFundMe: Zachary's Recovery
Created October 24, 2017
Ahren Simmons
on behalf of Charles Simmons
$8,378 of $10.0k goal
Raised by 61 people

Zachary Simmons was brutally attacked by a neighbor's pit bull on Friday, October 20th.  He sustained numerous serious injuries, including serious tissue, nerve damage, and multiple injuries to his face and skull.

We still do not yet know the full extent of the injuries.  The doctors at Texas Children's hospital are working day and night to fully diagnose all of the injuries and develop a plan for treatment.

I am Ahren Simmons, Zachary's uncle (his father Ben's brother).  The funds will be used to help Zachary and family recover from this horrible tragedy.

Zachary's parents, Charles (Ben) Simmons and wife Crystal will be provided the funds to use as they see fit for Zachary's recovery, however long that may take.

I've set the inital goal at $1000 (gofundme's recommendation).

Please consider donating to help with the various expenses, not only relating to medical and psychological treatment, but also the costs associated with the family living at the hospital for weeks, and potential for loss of income during the long recovery period.

Unfortunately, the financial implication of an event like this can last for many, many years.

If you would like to help, but can't afford to donate, please contact me and I'll work with the family to find a way you can help!


California: Pony rescued from canal goes unclaimed; adopted by horse rescue

CALIFORNIA --  A pony rescued from a Stanislaus County canal in October has been adopted.

Modesto police officers and Stanislaus County sheriff's deputies pulled the horse from the water near Fairview School on Oct. 13.


The pony had jumped in the water to try to get away, police said.

Since then, Stanislaus County Animal Services has looked after the animal while trying to find its owner.

"I've pulled a couple horses out myself. It's quite labor intensive and difficult to get them out so it's always a win when somebody comes out," Animal Services operations supervisor Connie Hooker said. "They are not injured and hopefully gets a forever home. We are really excited about that."


Wednesday, the pony got a new home.

Lora Handley, vice president of Oakdale Equine Rescue, jumped at the chance to help the pony.

"Our goal is to rehabilitate him, get him to the point where he's more handable, not afraid and is willing to get caught and get him adopted," Handley said.

The pony was a little apprehensive at first, but now seems happy at his new home.


(Fox40 - Nov 1, 2017)

(October 2017) Arizona: "Andy got attacked by a pit bull today while running with Mike"

ARIZONA -- Deborah Cartwright posted on Facebook October 9, 2017 ·

Andy got attacked by a pit bull today while running with Mike...his ear and neck bit...poor fella

Deborah Cartwright, October 12 ·
Andy after surgery...attacked by a pit bull...deep punctures...drain holes now till next week

"this pit bull comes flying over the wall and goes after Annabelle first because she was still down there and I grabbed the pit bull and threw her off of Annabel and then she grabbed Andy by the neck and put a hole in his scruff and then grabbed him by the ear - I had a fight with the pit bull to let go of Andy and then she finally did and we took off running.

Two days later Andy's scruff was all puss-ie and draining blood and stinky - so took him to the vet and when they shaved his hair down it was all infected. So they opened him up and cleaned it out and put a drain tube in. He's doing good now! We go back next week so they can remove the drain tube. Annabelle was also treated for a minor injury. Both are doing a lot better now!"

(October 2017) New Zealand: "Our beautiful dog Girl was attacked by a pit bull and the bite managed to fracture her bone"

NEW ZEALAND -- Old Coach Oasis Glamping added 3 new photos to Facebook.
October 26 at 7:11pm ·

Our beautiful dog Girl was attacked by a pit bull and the bite managed to fracture her bone. 6 weeks of bandages, splints and staying dry. Just time to heal and get rid of any infection and fingers crossed no surgery will be needed. We are hoping each day she will improve and be back to her happy self.

(October 2017) Ohio: Woman asks for prayers after her daughter is bitten in the face by a Pit Bull

OHIO -- Kimberly Allen Boughton is with Moriah Howard.
Posted on Facebook October 29, 2017 ·

Please pray for my daughter Moriah Howard. She was severely bitten in the face by a Pit Bull while bathing it at her place of employment at a pet supply and grooming store [petsmart]. She required 10 stitches to her lip from the bite.

She could use your prayers, well wishes and words of encouragement as she is very emotional today. She is such a trooper though, she wants to continue grooming dogs as she has such a passion for animals. She also wants to finally buy her own car when she gets enough saved 😊

She is such a beautiful young lady, inside and out. Her laugh is contagious and her personality is bubbly. She is so caring and I do not want this incident to take away her beautiful spirit and love of animals.

Please help me shower her with love, encouragement and kind words. Pray for her well being and quick pain free recovery.

California: Adorable little pony running loose is picked up by Animal Control in Modesto

CALIFORNIA -- MODESTO POLICE DEPARTMENT added 2 new photos to Facebook November 8, 2017 at 11:34am ·

Apparently if you’re out for a morning trot, in a residential neighborhood, without a rider, it raises a few eyebrows 😲

Thankfully Animal Control Officer Dayton and Sergeant Schuller were quick to respond and able to lure this little fellow to safety.

He’ll be taken to Stanislaus Animal Services Agency until his owner picks him up. #JustAnotherDayOnTheJob #PonyProblems.

Friday, November 17, 2017

(October 2017) Arkansas: Family slits Pit Bull's throat after it attacks everyone, including their elderly Golden Retriever, which had already been attacked by it once before

ARKANSAS -- David S. Waters added 2 new photos to Facebook.
October 13, 2017 · Redfield, AR ·

Last night, my pit bull attacked my golden retriever for the second time.

Although Pumpkin (Golden-retriever), will be okay now. Lavender (Pit-Bull) would not let go of her and it resulted in someone having to cut her throat to get her to release. Right after she went after us humans. 

Although she survived, she is okay but we do have to put her down today.

I wanted to believe that she wasn’t a vicious, cruel, and dangerous dog but after this unexpected attack I can no longer believe that. We treated her correctly, we didn’t starve her, we didn’t abuse her. We took advice from experts, animal control, vets, and we still couldn’t control this specific Red-nose pit bull.

It’s been very hectic since last night, I posted some on Snapchat and I truly appreciate your remorse. May god bless you all!

Emma Julianna - We don't always know why dogs do what they do, but I believe it's usually with good reason. Please don't turn your back on your own dog.

David S. Waters - Yes I completely understand it wasn’t up to me to decide, to calm down lavender we had to call animal control and they didn’t give us an option since this is her 3rd time attacking. Once with a previous owner, 2 with us. I would of not decided to do that if i had the option.

David S. Waters - My 12 year old golden retriever didn’t deserve the beating she got twice in the last 6 months. She’s old and can barely walk, doesn’t pick a fight. Always stays away from lavender. It was just the dog I know it’s not all pits as we discussed before [apologist]. This one ended up not being a good one. 2 unexpected attacks in 6 months is not normal.

Denny Waters - Lavender is not a cruel dog but she acted by her instinct.. unfortunately she attacked pumpkin and we don t accept it cuz she is our family.. so lavender must go

Stephanie Stevens - Im so sorry to hear that.. has she tasted blood before? Maybe she attacked another that has trespassed in the yard or something? I've heard once some animals get the taste of blood, they turn that way. There's no turning back. Pray for a quick recovery for you're other dog though. 😔

David S. Waters - She attacked pumpkin last night once, smelled blood and came back for more. Tore her up. Then she went after my little brother. (Little but 16) someway somehow get her off of him and into the garage and we called the police she was going crazy she looked/ acted possessed.

Stephanie Stevens - It sounds definitely like the taste of blood. Its not all pits or dogs in general but blood will make them go crazy. As much as I hate to see a beautiful pit get put down, it probably would've been your only option even if you weren't forced. She wouldn't have stopped trying to get more. Sorry to hear about your dogs.