Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mississippi: Bonnie Heffron accused of cruelty, neglect must pay or lose animals

MISSISSIPPI -- The Kiln woman accused of neglect after officials seized more than 50 animals from her home was set to appear in court Friday.

The hearing to determine if the animals can be returned to her care was postponed until next week.

The judge did decide to give Bonnie Heffron three days to pay a $1,000 bond for the car and maintenance of the animals. If she cannot pay, the animals will be awarded to the county.


Right now, Heffron, 64, is facing charges of animal neglect and animal cruelty after various farm animals, including ponies, goats, rabbits, dogs, and cats, were seized from her property on Dogpatch Rd. on July 13. Most of those animals are now at the Hancock County Animal Shelter.


Toni Pickering, Director of the Hancock County Animal Shelter, said the animals were living in filth when rescuers arrived.

Neighbors said the neglect has been going on for years, and they feel helpless. Many of those neighbors were in the courtroom Friday for Heffron’s appearance.

"I've seen dead horses. My granddaughter realized that a horse was dead there and she cried all the way to school," a neighbor recalled.

"I don't like seeing helpless animals left to starve. I can't imagine that anyone else would want to do this either," said Renee Cuevas.


Friday’s decision wasn’t good enough for the nearly 20 animal activists in the courtroom. Unhappy with the outcome, the activists marched over to the sheriff’s office and demanded the animals not be returned to Heffron’s care. Sheriff Ricky Adam said it's not his decision to make.

"Sadly, it's not an isolated incident to this county, because it happens all over. People, they love their animals and they just get overwhelmed with the cause of trying to care for them," said Adam.

Cuevas says there are still some animals in Heffron's care that need to be rescued from a different location.


"There are still 12 horses and I have personally seen the horses. They appear to be in worse shape than the horses taken from the property on Dogpatch Rd.,"said Cuevas.

Adam said it will be up to a judge to decide what happens with the other animals.



(WLOX - July 21, 2017)


Florida: Deputies rescue 3 endangered Key Deer bound with twine, in trunk of car. Buck ends up dying from injuries

FLORIDA -- Deputies in the Florida Keys made an unusual discovery during a traffic stop Sunday morning.

They found two endangered Key deer bound with twine in the back seat of the car and another deer in the trunk.

The deer were untied, evaluated and released into the wild to prevent further stress.

According to the Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges Complex, two ran directly into the woods. A buck is still in the area and being monitored.

The men in the car were arrested and taken to jail. They face multiple charges including felonies and misdemeanors for injuring an endangered species and animal cruelty.

For some reason, Fish & Game and wildlife divisions don't typically release the name of the people charged. If the media picks up the story, they're usually named because the reporters does a FOIA for the mugshot, but I skip a lot of stories involving wildlife crimes including poaching, etc. because the division does a press release but won't say the person or release their mugshot.


We are sad to report that the injured buck was euthanized this morning.

Although he received daily veterinary care since the incident that included pain medication, fluids, and treatment for a broken rear ankle, he never recovered from the initial stress and "capture myopathy" of being taken by the two suspects arrested on Sunday.

As a result, he never regained the ability to stand up, and his organs were failing. In light of this, with veterinary guidance, we made the decision to end his suffering. The wildlife veterinarian that was assisting us euthanized him peacefully this morning.

His body is being preserved and handed over to the appropriate authorities as part of the ongoing criminal investigation. USFWS continues to coordinate with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) on this investigation.

(WFLA - July 3, 2017)

Florida: Flagler County deputies save sick owl that had tumbled down embankment and into canal

FLORIDA -- Flagler County Sheriff's Office added 3 new photos to Facebook
July 13, 2017 at 9:55am ·

Late Wednesday evening, Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies rescued an owl on Royal Palms in Palm Coast.

The owl had rolled down the embankment into the canal.

Sgt. Kim Davis, Sgt. Jon Dopp, and Cpl. James Miley were able to grab hold of the owl and take him to Flagler Animal Hospital for treatment.

At FCSO, we serve and protect all of our residents.

That poor owl looks totally out of it. If he was so weak he couldn't even get himself out of the canal, he must've been exhausted. I hope he survives.


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Florida: Brittany Osborne, 21, starved her Pit Bull until she looked like a walking skeleton then had her friend take the dog to a gas station and claim it was a stray she'd just found. Meanwhile, Brittany went and got herself a new dog.

FLORIDA -- The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Sarasota woman on charges of animal cruelty after deputies connected her with the malnourishment of her 4-year-old dog named “Adria”.

Deputies began their investigation on July 7, when Animal Services Officers were contacted by a woman who claimed to have found a stray dog at a gas station just north of University Parkway on Tamiami Trail in Sarasota.

When officers arrived, they scanned the dog for a microchip which traced back to Brittany Osborne, 21, of Sarasota.

When questioned, Osborne told deputies that Adria, an American Pit Bull mix, was missing for more than a month after she ran away because she was improperly latched.


After ridding herself of Adria, Brittany went and got herself a new dog. When asked, Brittany refused to take Adria back, claiming the two animals wouldn’t get along.

Due to her extreme emaciation, Adria was transported to a local veterinarian for care. Deputies noted Adria’s overgrown nails and staining on her body consistent with the animal being confined to a small space and forced to lay in urine or feces, which means she couldn't have possibly been running around, on her own, for a month like Brittany claimed.

An evaluation by the veterinarian confirmed that Adria was severely underweight and malnourished.



Further investigation revealed the woman who initially claimed to find Adria at the gas station on July 7 was actually a friend to Osborne.

When interviewed, Osborne admitted to asking the woman to call animal services to claim Adria was a stray dog so that she would not get in trouble.

Osborne claimed that she couldn't afford to take Adria to the vet to find out what was wrong with her so she concocted this ridiculous ploy to abandon her.

Osborne was arrested Friday and charged with felony animal cruelty and confinement of animals without food or water. She is also not allowed to have any contact with or ownership of any animals. She remains in custody today on $2,000 bond.

Adria continues rehabilitation under the care of Animal Services staff and may be eligible for adoption in the future.

Name: Brittany A. Osborne
Gender: Female
Race: White
Birthdate: 10/12/1995
Arrest age: 21
Address: 5120 Lahaina Drive

(MySunCoast - July 21, 2017)

California: Firefighters bring nearly dead dog back to life with pet-sized oxygen masks donated by local Girl Scout troop

CALIFORNIA -- A California fire department says a little white dog named Jack is recovering after firefighters rescued him from a burning home and brought him back to life.


In a video posted to the Bakersfield Fire Department's website that has been widely shared online, firefighter Matt Smith is shown carrying the nearly lifeless Shih Tzu from the house on Wednesday.


Using a pet oxygen mask donated to the department by a local Girl Scout troop, Smith and his partners slowly bring Jack back to life.

By the end of the video, Jack is sitting up, alert and looking around, though panting heavily.

He was then reunited with his worried owners, a married couple who were unharmed by the fire.

Jack suffered respiratory tract injuries and burns to his feet, but the dog was doing well on Friday after receiving extensive oxygen therapy, department spokesman John Frando said.


Frando, who shot the video of Jack's rescue, said it looked so dire for the pooch that at one point he stopped recording.

"I thought Jack was going to die," he said. "He was in really bad shape."

Frando said Smith found Jack behind a couch in the home, which was billowing with smoke by the time they arrived.

 Smith and Jack were reunited Thursday at the veterinary hospital where he was being treated.

(ABC7 Chicago - July 21, 2017)

Georgia: Little boy, 2, in critical condition after being attacked by a Pit Bull

GEORGIA -- Chuck Baldwin posted on Facebook July 6, 2017 at 6:13pm ·

Urgent prayer request from friend Danielle Chambers...
We are asking for prayer for family. My cousin Dianne's 2 year old son. Gabriel was attacked by a pit bull today and has lost a lot of blood. They airlifted him to the hospital and are saying that it doesn't look good. Please be praying and get the word out he needs lots of prayer.

Salem N Rodney Tant - Prayers Chuck

Jaime Brunkan Dial - Is this local??

Chuck Baldwin - No, the requester lives in Colville, WA. I'm not sure if the baby and his family live there or not.

Danielle Chambers - Georgia

Jaime Brunkan Dial - Any update Danielle Chambers?

Danielle Chambers - They took him into surgery last night to stop the bleeding in his face and do some reconstruction. They called this morning and said that he made it through the surgery and doctors are now hopeful. He is still in critical condition and needs lots of prayer as does his family.

California: "I was attacked by a pit bull yesterday he was so big he ran like a tiger went straight for my face"

Frank Grijalva posted on Facebook July 11, 2017 · Hawthorne, California ·
I was attacked by a pit bull yesterday he was so big he ran like a tiger went straight for my face if it wasn't for my lightening quick reflex who knows what may have happened jyst saying thats was crazy๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Frank Grijalva - Good thing he had no teeth ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Andrea Marie Romo - That's just crazy

Leonard Zuniga - My son after spending $2,000 on a baby pitbull and steroids and vitamin shots not not included.. 

He found out the hard way after it bit his brother, brother's friend and the gas man and left stitches on each except the gas man. He tried from the very beginning to convince me his was going to be different. But admit it that their problems such as viciousness and unpredictability is a big problem. 

Personally I am extremely careful around such dogs, even though others say different.